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education, expanded tax credits for low income workers without children, and higher taxes on the wealthy. while it's sure to face republican opposition, the budget gives democrats a playbook heading into the midterm elections. >>> a new jersey teenager is in court today not facing charges, but facing her own parents who she's suing. 18-year-old rachel canning says her parents have abandoned her and are refusing the pay her tuition. -- to pay her tuition. she's an honors student and clear heeder and -- cheerleader and lacrosse player. her father who's a retired police chief says that rachel is rebellious and refuses to live by the rules of his house. >> we have a college funds that's available to her. there's no doubt about that. but it's equivalent of going shopping at a high end store and sending somebody the bill. >> rachel is demanding her parents pay the tuition at the private high school and give her access to that college fund so she can attend after graduation. her lawyer also wants dad to pay the $12,000 in legal fees. she doesn't want the play -- according to her dad doesn't wan
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1